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The Ins And Outs of How We Do Business

  • Is the water turnd off during test & for how long?
    YES - the water will be turned off during the testing procedure, approximately 10 min. The test itself takes approximately a half hour per device.
  • Where is the device?
    The backflow device is usually located right after your water meter. You may have several devices on your property that need to be tested. If you know the location before our personal are on site, that will save time searching.
  • How often do I need to have the device tested?
    The backflow device needs to be tested annually as per the City of Saskatoon bylaw #7567, The Waterworks Bylaw. This ensues the backflow preventer is working correctly to prevent any contaminants from reaching your or your neighbors drinking water.
  • How does it all work for me?
    EASY - You book what times are best for you. - We will confirm your time and date with a phone call. - Arrive ON TIME and complete the test(s) - Leave copies of reports on site. - WE file ALL paperwork with the City of Saskatoon ( or your water suppiler ) - We leave you with an invoice, payable in 30 days - We also leave you with a token of our appreciation ( subject to availability ) - The YXEbackflowguy will give you a call next year to book your apointment. EASY
  • Does size matter?
    No. Unlike our competitors we charge per test not by the size of the device. It is the same price no matter what the model or size so there is no need for different pricing structures. Each test is $100.00 plus tax's ($111.00)
  • Repairs & replacement
    We do small repairs & clean outs if the device fails at the first test (NOT FIRE SYSTEMS). If it passed, all is good, no extra charge. If a plumber is required to repair or replace the device AFTER we have done the initial test, there is a small charge of $50.00 to revisit & retest the device.
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